New Roach Art By Angel Forest

Collages made from Roach Paper

New York traveler, artist, lover and happy integral poet, Angel Forest is creating a new kind of art - Roach Paper Collages.

Angel Forest has traveled around the country, saw things, met friends and collected hundreds and hundreds roaches from burnt joint.  To put roaches in use, he came out with a new kind of art - Collages made from Roach Paper.

 Angel takes roaches one by one and place them on wood, poster or canvas boards, creating unusual art that you won't see anywhere else. Angel uses mostly used roaches; however, the new paper is getting used too.
Check this art out and to see more follow Angel Forest on Twitter.

Roach Paper Art By Angel Forest

Roaches Paper Art Collage

Roach Paper Art By Angel ForestMountain Collage

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