Private Plane Pilots Searched For Marijuana

The more states legalizing marijuana, the more pilots of the private planes are searched for it by DHS.

Dozens of members filed their complaints to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association about " Un-warrant random search" by Homeland Security offices.

The pilots of the private planes, especially those who fly into - and - from the states with Legalized marijuana Law, are stopped and searched on the ramp by armed federal agents. However No Identification or Warrant has been presented to any of the pilots.

The explanations that pilots get from the federal agents are ridiculous nonsenses. They don't have warrants, names, any reasons. Though all of them slightly pointing to the pilots that most of them flew out of California or Colorado or Washington... Basically from the States where Marijuana was recently legalized.. and that's why those pilots are subjects to random searches.

Pilots Association has filed Freedom of Information Act back in February 2013, but still didn't get a respond, if it will take little longer AOPA will take the case to court..

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