The Best & Coolest Bongs From All Over The World

Great Afternoon Everybody! And welcome back to our The Best & Coolest Bongs From All Over The World Blog presented by Smoke Pipe Shop.

Some people say it's impossible, some people say it's just to much, but former publisher of the High Times Magazine, Mike Edison, believes is just perfect for him. What is IT, you want to ask?! - IT is a Guitar Bong!

Mike not just playing the guitar fantastically, but he also can pack it and smoke out of it! Yes that's right, very special and unique Bong - Guitar Bong by Mike Edison.


Did you like that? - That was cool and pretty much any smoker can construct the same Guitar Bong for himself. But now, take a look at this masterpiece. The Functional Glass Bubbler Electric Guitar. Not everyone can afford it, and as much as we know, this is the only one Electric Glass Bong Guitar that exist. Created by a Glass Blower Nate Dizzle multipurpose Glass Bong Electric Guitar - Smoke & Play.

Electric Guitar Glass Bong


The Coolest Bong - Nintendo 64 Bong!
The Most Unique Bongs From All Over The Wolrd


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