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I open my package and my Glass Pipe was Broken/Damaged?
Contact 24 Hour Customer Support, notify about the problem and be prepared to send the picture/video of your broken smoking pipe.  Our Delivery Damage Program will cover it and send you a new glass pipe.
I order my glass pipe, but didn't get confirmation number?
Make sure that you complete the check out process, payment transaction went through and appears on your bank statement; Contact Smoke Pipe Shop customer support if you have been charged but still didn't receive any confirmation.
How do I know that my order was shipped?
As soon as the payment is clear, we try to ship your order the next business day. After the item is shipped, you will receive a notification email from our website, with information about Shipping Carrier and Tracking Number.
Can I choose my pipe now but check out later?
Yes, You can. As long as You keep the website page open, your item is automatically saved in Your Shopping cart. So You can just come back any time and finish the check out process. Please keep in mind that depending on your browser settings, the page can be automatically renewed and the item won't be saved in you shopping cart. The item might become not available if it's purchased by other customer.
I want to keep the privacy of my order, so is it possible to hide the name of sender?
Yes, don't worry about it. The privacy of our customers is number one for us. All packages come in Kraft color box without any logos or prints. There is a hand-written receiver name and address and the return address sticker with an address and "SPShop" name, so no one will know anything except You. There is a "Fragile" sign on sides of the box, so your item doesn't get damaged during delivery. You can always leave a note during the check out process and request "extra" privacy. In this case, instead of "SPShop, Inc" return label, you will receive a package with the name of one of our team members name on it.
How does the gift coupons work?
If you received a coupon in a box with your purchase from Smoke Pipe Shop or received a gift coupon from your friend, You can use it at any time during your next purchase. The Gift Coupon from Smoke Pipe Shop apply to the entire purchase amount not including shipping cost. At the check out enter the coupon code, You will see the discount apply at the end of the process.
I received the Gift Coupon but it doesn't work at the check out?
Contact Our Customer Support, they will assist you with this problem right away.
This is my first Pipe. Which one should I choose?
Read Our Article "Glass Pipe" or Contact our Customer Support. They will lead you through the process and help you find the right pipe for you.
Where My Order Ships From?
All Orders are shipped from our office in Hollywood, FL.
We Are Open and Fully Operational to Serve You During the Covid-19 Outbreak

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